This is always the result

Written and performed by Gus Watcham

Directed by Mark C Hewitt

Video sequences by Abigail Norris


Two stories of women encountering forces beyond their control. 

In The Crush, Kathy - a woman of a certain age - faces up to the embarrassing secret longing for a man who barely knows she exists.

'Sometimes I slow cook for days, a woman walking secretly on fire '

In This Is always the result, chaotic violence and human frailty crash in unexpextedly on Sarah's humdrum life in a seaside town.

'A caption trails a warning ... too late, it registers in a small specific region in her brain. 'Don't look!' '

Developed in association with LLL Productions, this beautifully crafted show brings together new writing and film in two contemporary stories of shame, secrets, love and anguish. This is always the result was previewed in 2015 at BomBane's café/venue in Brighton.

‘… a unique piece of work, all the more powerful for Gus Watcham's utterly convincing delivery …' (Catherine Smith)

The work toured through 2016, beginning at Komedia Brighton as part of the Fringe Festival then travelling to Sheffield, Hastings, Birmingham Fest, Salisbury Arts Centre and back to the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton.

"… a disturbing exploration into the frailty of the human mind and all its imperfections. If you ever feel like your world is falling down around you, then at least meeting Kathy and Sarah might make you feel better about yourself." (Broadway Baby)

A pamphlet containing the full text of the show was published by Categorical Books in 2016.

Production photos by François M. Norris

Unplugged version

Gus Watcham is currently developing a scaled down version that focuses primarily on the narration of the story, This is always the result, with the film shown on a portable DVD player or TV screen. (Gus can bring one along with her). The 'unplugged' version is just as moving and powerful an experience for audiences  ... but with a more laid-back and intimate presentation. It can be performed in libraries or for community groups in almost any small or medium-sized room. 

Told in the voice of a mother, 'This is always the result' relates the story of a young man's attempted suicide as well as weaving in other strands to do with everyday life, what one happens across on the internet and seagulls. The work is a wonderful medium for discussion of mental health issues related to male suicide. Gus is a supporter of  CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

About the writer

Gus Watcham was a RADA student in 1969 back in the days when acting was going to change the world. She spent nearly twenty years on the London Fringe and touring the UK and abroad, searching for the danger and excitement of those heady student days and very occasionally finding them. When a young family brought her to a welcome stand-still, she continued to make art. She has a degree in painting and ceramics from Camberwell and a fine art MA from Brighton. She has always written as part of her practice and as a way of explaining the world to herself.

She has worked here and there in many capacities, as artist, support worker, bartender, civil servant and the front end of a pantomime horse. 

This is always the result is her first production as a writer / performer.

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Reviews and feedback

4 Stars, Brighton Fringe review, Komedia, May 2016

"Gus Watcham hurries onto the stage as Kathy, looking frazzled, determined and slightly deranged. It takes a while for the words to start flowing but when they do, we find out Kathy has a lot to say, and it’s all directed at her art tutor, who she has an enormous crush on. Mixing spoken word, art, performance, text and a dictaphone, Gus takes Kathy down a minutely documented, self-destructive path as her unrequited obsession causes her world to come crashing down around her. ... Gus exudes femininity in the second half of the performance. Kathy’s words flow in poems entitled Snake, Carpet and Magazine and the use of the dictaphone is a nifty little tool as the occasional playbacks put us in the place of the poor tutor, forcing us to imagine his reaction to what is about to arrive in the post.

In the second portion of the performance, the stage is stripped and we meet Sarah, sitting behind a screen and starkly lit in profile. Her everyday existence as the mother of a distant teenage boy is plummeted into pandemonium by his suicide attempt. The writer/performer gives a candid account of Sarah’s sometimes inappropriate reactions, thoughts and deeds on hearing this tragic news, plunging the audience into the depths of this mother’s mind, leaving us feeling like uncomfortable voyeurs. Sarah is not averse to her own uncomfortable voyeurism as she stumbles across an image of a suicide bomber on the internet. Like picking a scab that you really should leave alone, her mind returns again and again to the image and the graphic description of what happens to someone who deliberately blows themselves up. Abigail Norris’s grainy, rain-splattered film snippets are indeed haunting, but seem to have been added due to the artist’s refusal to be restricted to just one or two uses of media. If in doubt, throw everything at it and Gus has certainly thrown everything at this production.

Directed by Mark C Hewitt, This Is Always the Result is a disturbing exploration into the frailty of the human mind and all its imperfections. If you ever feel like your world is falling down around you, then at least meeting Kathy and Sarah might make you feel better about yourself."

Christine Kempell (Broadway Baby)