Polska by the Sea

A collection of 24 postcards created for Polska by the Sea is now available as a limited edition boxed set.

Photographs by Lisa Barnard / Interview texts by Mark Hewitt

The cards feature photographs of domestic ephemera evoking - in a range of ways - the idiosyncracies and Polish roots of the interviewees that took part in the project. Examples in the gallery below.

Cost:  £5.00 + £1.00 package (50p postage applies)

Polska by the Sea: the project


Consequences: the book of the project.

Micro-stories from the South of England by Ros Barber, Hattie Ellis, Catherine Smith and Louisa Adjoa Parker.

Cost: £8.99 (+ 50p postage)

Made in England

Made in England is a collaboration between Arts Council England and BBC English Regions which explores the relationship between the landscape and the artist from a diverse range of artistic perspectives across BBC TV, radio and online. Since its launch in April 2008, Made in England has been building a range of projects involving local radio stations, artists and arts organisations and members of the public across the country,� which aim to be as rich in diversity as they are strong in creativity. To find out more about Made in England go to www.bbc.co.uk/madeinengland


Consequences was a Made in England project that encompassed the broadcasting area covered by BBC South Today. Four writers working in four key locations – Brighton, Oxford, Salisbury and Weymouth – spent a period of time interacting with local people to discover stories that typified the individuality and unique character of each particular place and its inhabitants. Other stories were contributed online or in response to BBC South’s coverage of the project on radio and television.

The writers – Ros Barber in Brighton, Catherine Smith in Oxford, Hattie Ellis in Salisbury and Louisa Adjoa Parker in Weymouth – then recast these local tales, fifteen from each town, as micro-stories or flash fictions.

Each of these micro-stories was written in four sections of no more than 255 characters, including punctuation and spaces. The reason for working in such a compressed form was twofold. First, we wished to introduce the random element of the game of consequences into the equation, as a way of allowing the stories to interact with each other in a way that might evoke something of the diversity of the south of England. Digital artist and programmer, Mike Blow, was brought into the project to devise a computer programme that would allow the sections of the different stories to be recombined in a randomly generated intermingling of beginnings, middles and ends that visitors to the website could play online. Secondly, we wanted to project the stories on to the roof of Salisbury Cathedral on St George’s Day, 23 April 2009, in a televised event that would be the culmination of the project. For both of these reasons it was preferable to work with a very concise literary form where each section could be read quickly and easily.

The four sections of the stories loosely correspond to the head, torso, legs and feet in the picture version of the game of consequences. Thus: Head = Exposition – (the beginning) Torso = Complication – (the plot thickens) Legs = Crisis – (what happens) Feet = Resolution – (the ending)

The micro-stories in this book are presented in their original sections so that the reader can both see the story in its natural form and imagine how it might interact with any other story in the book.